Interested to join the lab?

Opportunities for post-doctoral, graduate and undergraduate studies are often available in my lab. Students and post-docs that are interested for short visits or internships in my lab are also welcome. Every year, there are various possibilities for summer field work on various long-term projects. Please contact me by email to discuss possibilities.

Graduate studies

Starting graduate studies is a very important decision in your career. BEFORE starting, you should ask yourself why you want to do a MSc or a PhD degree? Pursuing a graduate degree because you did not find any other job or because you are not sure what else to do are not good reasons. However, if you are interested by a graduate degree because you want to acquire high-level training and knowledge in conservation, management or evolution then this is the right decision. Graduate studies will require you to put a lot of time and energy into you project. One of the main causes of failure at the graduate level is the lack of motivation… So, before starting, you should think about it twice!

As a researcher, it is essential that you learn how to communicate the results of your science. Thus, I expect all my students to publish their research results in peer-review journals. I will assist you as much as I can with the publication process but I am expecting that you will lead the work. I will also strongly encourage you to present your work in provincial, national or international conferences in your field. A lot of career advice and interesting articles for post-docs, graduates and students can be found on the career pages of the Nature and Science journals.

If you are considering pursuing graduate studies in my lab,

you might find the following paragraphs useful.


The cost of living in Sherbrooke is less than in most other Canadian cities. You should expect to pay at least 300$ per month to rent a room not including the bills. Your tuition fees however will include free access to the city bus services as long as you will have a student ID card. Graduate studies last for few years (typically 2 years for a Master degree and 4 or 5 years for a PhD). It is therefore crucial that you have funding for your salary and your research during that period. Graduate studies are a FULL-TIME commitment and I do not recommend that you work while you are writing your thesis. The two main sources of funding for graduate studies in Québec come from the NSERC and FQRNT. The biology department also offers a few institutional fellowships each year. In Sherbrooke, they are also possibilities of funding for collaborative projects between Québec and France. Click here for more information.

Speaking French?

The Université de Sherbrooke is a francophone institution and the Sherbrooke region is over 90% francophone. Although, everybody in my group is bilingual, all the University paper work and courses are usually in French. You will therefore need to learn (or at least show willingness to learn) a bit of French during your stay in Sherbrooke. However, the good news is that all written work, seminar and thesis defence can be done in English. The thesis can be written in English.

Field work

A lot of the projects that you will find in my lab are field based (although not all of them). If you want to work on one of these projects, you might have to be on the field for a few months per year. Field work often requires long hours of observations and the weather is not always cooperating with science! I expect my students to be able to organize their work, have personal initiative and common sense. In most study areas, you will also be expected to drive a 4x4 truck or a quad. As a student in my lab, you will probably be working on data that have been collected for the last 20 to 30 years. It is therefore expected that you also contribute to the data collection of the long-term study.

Are you still interested?

Please contact me by email to discuss possibilities. In your message, you should describe your main research interests, what you have done before, your experience in the field and why you would like to pursue graduate studies. You should also read some of my publications and tell me which project you are interested in. My research interests are various, including population ecology, behavioural ecology and evolution, so please be specific. Please enclose with your email a recent copy of your CV along with contact information for two people that could provide you with references.

More information about graduate studies at Sherbrooke can be found on the university web page.I suggest that you give a look at the following pages:

Graduate study web page
Biology department at Sherbrooke
MSc biology
PhD biology
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