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News from the lab - Archives
  • November 2015 - Four research assistant positions are available for summer 2016. Find details here, here, here, and here.

  • November 2015 - Martin Leclerc presents its work at Radio-Canada - Les années lumière (in french).

  • April 2015 - From the article of Gosselin et al. 2015, Science for Environment Policy have emitted a News Alert.

  • April 2015 - The Behavioural Ecology and Evolution podcast interview with Sonia Van Wijk on her master project on male Tree swallow.

  • March 2015 - Bighorn Sheep # 706, marked September 23rd, 1998 as a lamb for our long term study in the Sheep River Provincial Park, Alberta, died at the age of 14 hit on the highway. After verifications, the length of its horns set a new record! Measured by Boone and Crockett, the horn final score is 209-4/8 B&C points. He even made the news in the Calgary Sun! Here he is in 2006 → 706-1 and 706-2

  • February 2015 - Martin Leclerc received the "best oral presentation" award for his presentation "La chasse exacerbe les conflits sexuels et augmente la mortalité des oursons chez l’ours bruns (Ursus arctos) scandinave", Colloque annuel du Centre d’Études Nordiques. Congratulations!

  • January 2015 - Article in BioSphere on the impacts of hunting on Scandinavian Brown Bear co-written by Jacinthe Gosselin.

  • November 2014 - Following the article from Gosselin et al., 2014 in Proceeding of the Royal society London B, there has been publication of the article "Hunting tied to bear infanticide" in the news from Science/AAS magazine and from magazine

  • November 2014 - The field team working on bighorn sheep at Ram Mountain, Alberta is looking for a field assistant in summer 2015 (details)

  • October 2014 - Jacinthe Gosselin will have her name on the "Liste d'honneur des études supérieures de la Faculté des sciences 2014" for her master thesis high quality. Congratulations!

  • October 2014 - Article "Des ours et des hommes" published in Bulletin Savoirs in Découvrir, le magazine de l'ACFAS where Martin Leclerc described his doctoral research on the evolutionary impact of man, by sport hunting, on a population of brown bear in Scandinavia

  • October 2014 - Report about neonicotinoids and their effects on tree swallows, La semaine verte, Radio-Canada (French only)

  • September 2014 - Sonia van Wijk  was selected for receiving the fellowship "Douglas F. Brown" from the Faculté des Sciences and The  Fondation de l'Université de Sherbrooke! Congratulations!

  • September 2014 - Interview "Les Années Lumières"  on the cougar's status in the Province of Québec. Fanie participated in the discussion "Le cougar fantôme" (French only)

  • September 2014 - The 2014 QCBS annual meeting will be held at New Residence Hall, McGill University, 10, 11 and 12 December 2014 (additional information or registration)

  • September 2014 - Fanie will be guest speaker at the upcoming SQEBC annual meeting to be held from November 7 to 9, 2014 at UQAM under the theme "An integrative approach for behavior ecology." More details on registration coming soon!

  • September 2014 -  Sonia van Wijk picture has been nominated for the Acfas contest "La Preuve par l’image Prix du public Eurêka" for her picture "Un plumage qui attire les hommages". To learn more about her master's research, see the l'UdeS journal. The four winning images from the 2014 contest will be presented to the 70th Acfas Gala, October 22nd 2014.

  • June 2014 - M.Sc. candidate position on the effect of ecosystem management on Caribou de la Gaspésie and his habitat  (details in French only)

  • March 2014 - Summer course "Molecular Biology of Aging" 2014 will take place in Woods Hole, MA, USA from August 3 to 22, 2014. Registrations should be done online (details)

  • March 2014 - We are looking for a lab assistant in animal ecology in Fall 2014 to working in collaboration with graduated students working on Tree swallows (details)

  • March 2014 - Renewal of the Canada Research Chair in Evolutionary demography and conservation. To learn more about it, please see the UdeS journal or the CRC program web site

  • February 2014 - M.Sc. candidate position on mating system and inbreeding avoidance in raccoon (Procyon lotor) (details)

  • January 2014 - Workshop "Modeling disease dynamics in wildlife populations" by Dr. Paul  C. Cross, from NOROCK Center on February 14th, 2014 at 10h00, Université de Sherbrooke (details

  • December 2013 - After the publishing of «Decrease in horn size and increase in age of trophy sheep in Alberta over 37 years», interview in UdeS journal (French only) and La Tribune (French only) on our research on bighorn sheep in collaboration with Marco Festa-Bianchet, Jon T. Jorgenson, Chiarastella Feder and Anne Hubbs

  •  December 2013 - Oral presentation from Jacinthe Gosselin, «Effets de la chasse et de l'infanticide sur la dynamique de la population de l'ours brun scandinave» won the first prize for oral presentation at the CSBQ 2013 annual meeting. Congratulations!

  • September 2013 - Article published in the UdeS journal on our research on tree swallow in collaboration with Luc Gaudreau, Marc Bélisle and Dany Garant (Les pesticides transforment nos gènes)


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